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The research center has a 180 sqm ISO 6 (class 1000) clean room with chemical and laminar (ISO 2) flow hoods, outfitted with the following nanofabrication / characterization equipment:

  • EOL JBX-6300FS High Resolution Electron Beam Lithography, 100KeV, 12MHz, 8nm resolution for Master & Mask Production (the only high resolution e-beam lithography system available in Italy at a research center).
  • Nova 600 NanoLab Dual Beam SEM / FIB Focused Ion Beam, 30KeV for Nanoscale Prototyping, Machining and characterization and analysis of structures below 100nm
  • DYMAX PC, 400W Light Curing System
  • Sputter coater, spin coaters, hot plates, magnetic stirrers, ultrasonic baths, dryers, oven

LaNN also has an optics laboratory equipped with the following characterization tools:

  • J.A. Woollam VASE Ellipsometer 270-2400nm, for analysis in Reflection and Transmission
  • ZEISS AXIO Scope.A1 Optical Microscopy, equipped with 5x, 20x, 50x, 100x, 150x lenses and a digital camera for Laboratory Imaging
  • A10 APE research AFM Microscopy
  • Alpha SNOM WITEC SNOM Microscopy for fluorescence and micro-Raman analysis in confocal geometry
  • Melles Griot (35mW power) He-Ne Laser, Melles Griot Wavelength-Tunable Ar Ion Laser (up to 40mW power)
  • Optical bench and accessories

LaNN has several techniques for micro-nano lithography, illustrated below:

LaNN also has various characterization techniques for optical, spectroscopic, topographic, morphological and compositional analysis:

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