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Electron Beam Lithography (EBL)

Thanks to the sophisticated EBL system at LaNN, advanced lithography techniques can be applied to fabricate various type of nanometric devices such as integrated electronic and photonics circuits, zone plates, photonic crystals, plasmonic gratings, masters, masks and in the development of special three-dimensional nanofabrication models for the manufacture of innovative opto-electronic devices: phase masks, diffractive optical elements and holograms. The JEOL JBX-6300FS e-beam machine is the only existing machine of this kind in a research center in Italy.

It is capable of writing on 3, 4 and 6 inches wafers with a resolution of <8nm, a 15nm overlay accuracy and a 15nm field stitching accuracy.

It uses a 19 bit DAC with a selectable acceleration voltage of 25kV, 50kV and 100kV. It is equipped with an automatic charger that guarantees continuous operation up to a series of 10 cassettes. It comes with GenISys BEAMER software for proximity correction, which is essential for dense and precise patterning.

System’s characteristics:

  • Acceleration voltages: 100, 50, 25KV
  • Electronic Probe Current: da 30pA a 20nA
  • Minimum beam size: 2 to 3nm in high resolution mode at 100KV
  • Beam shape: spot beam
  • Beam deflection method: vector scan
  • Single Writing Field (max) at 100KV: 62.5um in High Resolution Writing Mode, 500um in High Speed Writing Mode
  • Scan speed:up to 12MHz
  • Scan rate: up to 0.125nm (in high resolution mode at 100KV)
  • Beam positioning DAC: 19 bits
  • Beam positioning accuracy: 0.125nm
  • Autoloader: automatically loads up to 10 cassettes
  • Wafer writing size: fup to 6”
  • Writing Performancea: In High Resolution Mode at 100KV:
    • minimum feature size: ≦ 8nm
    • overlay accuracy: 15nm
    • field stitching accuracy: 15nm

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