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Focused Ion Beam Lithography and SEM Microscopy

FIB lithography is a very versatile technique with a wide range of applications, including the development / characterization of advanced materials, patterning of high-resolution nanostructures without the use of resist, high-precision analysis of sample sections, sample preparation for Electronic Transmission Microscopy (TEM) and Atom Probe Analysis. The FIB/SEM machine at LaNN is a FEI Nova 600i NanoLab Dual Beam equipped with an ultra-high resolution scanning electron microscope (SEM) and a focused ion beam (FIB) with the ability to deposit thin films, as instance Au, by ion beam assisted deposition (IBAD). It is also provided with an EDX Genesis XM2-i microanalysis system with detectors for atomic sample analysis.
The dual beam FIB/SEM machine is generally used for:
  • locally remove atoms by sputtering achieving sub-10nm resolution (subtractive lithography)
  • locally deposit material with sub-10nm resolution (additive lithography)
  • creating the etching masks for subsequent pattern transfer

Main characteristics:
  • Camera: it can display a 6 " field
  • EDX microanalysis system: active area 10mm2

Electronic System:
  • Acceleration voltage: 200V to 30kV
  • Electronic probe currenta: from 2pA to several tens of nA
  • Magnification: greater than 2,000,000x
  • Wafer Loading Size: Up to 350mm
  • Wafer writing size: up to 6”
  • Resolution at 30kV: 1nm, with TLD-SE (Through Lens Detector)
  • Resolution at 1kV: 2.5nm, with TLD-SE (Through Lens Detector)

Ionic System:
  • Acceleration voltage: 2 to 30kV
  • Ion calibration current: equivalent to 40nA
  • Image resolution: 5nm
  • Single writing range (max): 700um
  • Scan speed: 40MHz

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