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SNOM Microscopy, Fluorescence and Micro-Raman Spectroscopy

SNOM has applications in microscopy and optical spectroscopy and is used for fluorescence and micro-Raman imaging applications in the field of soft-matter, bio-physical and material science.

The microscope is a WITEC Alpha-SNOM. It can be used as SNOM, AFM and confocal microscope, with lateral resolution from a few dozen nanometers to a few hundreds. The system is equipped with two lasers (150 mW Ar and 75 mW HeNe) and an optical spectrometer that allows the acquisition of micro-Raman spectra and fluorescence in the range 400-900nm. It has 5 detectors: one CCD, two PMTs and two APDs for use of the machine in different configurations. It is possible to collect single-spot spectra and monitor the evolution of the spectra over time.I It is also possible to get complete map of the surface in both near field (SNOM) and far field (confocal Raman and luminescence).

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