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Research Activities

Diffractive optical Elements for telecom applications

The worldwide ever-increasing demand for bandwidth is requiring new solutions in order to improve the information capacity of the nowadays communication system.

Recently, the attention has been focused on mode-division multiplexing, consisting in expanding the number of channels at the same frequency by exploiting the different orthogonal modes supported by the medium, e.g. free-space or a multi-mode fiber.

The orbital angular momentum of light offers an even unexploited degree of freedom which can be controlled and tailored in order to transfer information, even in combination with already established division multiplexing techniques such as WDM, TDM, PDM and amplitude/phase modulation.

At LaNN, we have developed passive and transparent diffractive optics for the generation, multiplexing, and sorting of beams carrying orbital angular momentum. Their high level of integration and remarkable performances in terms of efficiency and cross-talk make these optical devices promising for integration into next-generation optical boards based on OAM-mode division multiplexing.

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